Benefits of Car Leasing

Check out all the reasons a business should lease rather than buy

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  • Better Cash Flow

    Leasing gives you access to the vehicle with minimal up-front payments and spreads the cost over time.

  • No debt

    Leasing preserves your credit options and does not influence your credit limit as it is generally not classified as debt but as expense. Cranley Cars Leasing provides its own in house leasing finance facility, thus, not involving a 3rd party bank or finance company.

Financial Advantage

  • Maximize Financial Leverage

    your lease can often finance everything related to the purchase and may free up cash flow to pay for other items. Cash flow management. Lease payments are usually flat, making cash management more predictable and easier than with a variable rate loan. The fixed interest rate of a lease also helps if interest rates rise.

  • Tax advantage

    VAT can be claimed back on all maintenance charges at a rate of 13.5%, and on the full cost of leasing of commercial vehicles at the 23.% rate. Flexible time frames. Leasing contracts can be structured to fit your requirements. Use the vehicle as long as you need it without owning it forever.

Let us take care of it

  • Hedge against obsolescence

    At the end of your lease just return the vehicle to Cranley Cars. You will not have the hassle of selling a used vehicle or run the risks related to residual value and obsolescence.

  • Maintenance Options

    Cranley Cars Leasing can also look after all your day to day fleet maintenance costs .This includes all regular maintenance charges. All normal usage is covered including services, tyres, batteries, breakdown, replacement vehicle and cover. This helps your company budget in advance and keeps your company drivers mobile at all times.

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